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Total Degradation

1. The BBM(bamboo biodegradable material) which produced by AERA have passed the Compost detection and Heavy metal detection by TÜV Rhine of Germany(biodegradable standard of EN13432), Bio-carbon content testing by BETA analytic of USA, and passed the Non-plasticizer composition test by BYNE.

2. It begin to burst apart in natural environment or under specific conditions after 18-36 months, break down into carbon dioxide and water finally.

3. When buried in the soil, the used products made of this bamboo powder contributes to soil relaxation and air permeability, preventing soil compaction and promote the growth of plants’ roots. After being discarded in nature, it will not cause pollution to harm the environments like the earth’s ocean, lakes and rivers and is environmentally friendly. It is definitely new environmental-friend material.

4. The BBM could be produced on a large scale because it is sourced from bamboo, an inexhaustible common plant in China.

5. The BBM simplifies the production process. The current equipment and facilities to produce plastic products could be maintained to realized any production using this raw materials, without any accessory facilities, labors. High output, stable quality and easy production process.

6. The processing temperature of products made of this BBM is lower than plastic products (between 130-160 degrees), which reduced the production energy consumption and production cost further. It could under go high temperature of 90℃-95℃ without distortion and low temperature of 15℃-20℃ without embrittlement.

Rejects, nozzle materials, leftovers during the production process, could be smashed and recycled to next production, with specific ratio in raw material.