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Biodegradable plastic bags are coming


BBM-P034 Degradable Garbage Bag(BBM-P034))

In daily life, the use of plastic bags is quite large, and there are many types of plastic bags. As an ordinary consumer, people usually only pay attention to whether plastic bags are good-looking, durable or not, but they seldom pay attention to plastic bags. The material and the harm to the environment after discarding. With the step-by-step implementation of the “plastic ban”, more and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to degradable environmentally friendly tapes and fully biodegradable plastic bags. I often see people wanting to understand degradable plastic bags, but it seems that many people don’t know that there are two types of degradable plastic bags: one is degradable plastic bags; the other is fully biodegradable plastic bags. Although the two sound similar, there is a big difference in essence. Today we will popularize relevant knowledge for everyone.


Degradable plastic bags are literally degradable plastic bags, that is to say, it can be degraded, but there are still plastics in it and other related ingredients are added, but it is only partially degraded, and cannot be completely degraded. After being discarded, it will still be degradable. Like traditional plastic tape, it is landfilled or incinerated. In this way, it will also pollute the environment to a certain degree. In other words, when consumers use biodegradable plastic bags, their ultimate fate is actually the same as traditional plastic tapes. After being discarded, they all enter the landfill or are incinerated, and cannot be subjected to specialized industrial compost degradation treatment. Therefore, “degradable” is just “degradable”, not the same as “fully biodegradable”. In a sense, biodegradable plastic bags are not a viable solution to “white pollution”, nor are they a “magic bullet” to solve plastic bag pollution. In essence, it still produces a lot of waste, and biodegradable plastic bags actually have to Not degraded.


Our company’s fully biodegradable plastic bag material is composed of BBM, which is recognized as an environmentally friendly material, a harmless and environmentally friendly product. Under the conditions of compost degradation, the fully biodegradable plastic bags can be fully biodegraded within 12 weeks. The products of degradation are carbon dioxide and water, which are directly absorbed by plants in the soil, returned to the soil, or degraded when they enter the general environment. Pollution to the environment is truly derived from and attributed to nature.


The use of fully biodegradable plastic bags greatly reduces the pollution of plastic products to the environment, and is truly environmentally friendly, healthy and sanitary, and can be used with confidence.


In the field of fully biodegradable plastic bags, Aera New Energy has formed a professional and orderly raw material processing and production line. Products include garbage bags, clothing bags, cosmetic bags, food bags, shopping bags, express bags, handbags, etc. The product quality is stable, the production efficiency is high, the printing is exquisite, the sealing is good, the ductility is high, the texture is good and the price is favorable.


AERA is the manufacturer and supplier of compostable and biodegradable products. Main product are Biodegradable, non-plastic bag compostable, The degradable material etc. The company is headquartered in Xiamen Fujian. We have 4 manufacturing base in Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hubei. Total production more than 40 thousand Tons. Around 4 thousand tons in oversea market. At the same time, all above products have the international authorized certifications such as EN13432, OK Compost, OK Compost HOME, ASTM D6400,  AS5810,  AS4736 and TUVRheinland .All in all, please order AERA for all biodegradable plastic bags!

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