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Fully degradable straws will replace traditional plastic straws


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When it comes to “fully biodegradable drinking straws”, everyone is easily associated with the words “plastic restriction”, “plastic waste”, “microplastics” and “white pollution”. And with the takeaway industry, coffee, milk tea and other beverage industries are booming. As a product that only uses 20 minutes but has to be degraded for a hundred years, plastic straws naturally attract everyone’s attention. According to relevant media statistics, there are 500 million plastic straws discarded every day in the United States alone. The total length can circle the earth two and a half times. Pay attention to it every day! There are about 8 million tons of plastic garbage entering the ocean every year, and if this situation is allowed to flow freely, by 2050, the total weight of fish in the ocean will be exceeded by the weight of plastic garbage, and the consequences can be imagined.


Plastic straws are not only a huge hazard to the natural environment around us, but also a serious threat to the lives of wild animals. Since plastic straws are difficult to reuse and are extremely hazardous items, most restaurants do not classify them as recyclable waste. Therefore, the ultimate fate of plastic straws is to fall into a landfill or float on the ocean. The service life of a plastic straw is only about 20 minutes, but it takes more than 200 years to naturally degrade into small molecules, and the plastic straw that enters the waters is often eaten by turtles, seabirds, fish and other animals.


Happily, the emergence of fully degradable straws may effectively curb this situation. The fully degradable straw not only has environmental protection characteristics, but can also be completely degraded within a period of time, which is very in line with the current society’s environmental protection requirements, so as to avoid the white pollution caused by the plastic straw. The “Community of a Shared Future for Mankind” has always been a goal that we are committed to promoting and practicing. The formulation of testing standards for biodegradable drinking straws is a matter of course in our country. Although it has not yet been released for implementation, the “Full Biodegradable Drinking Straw” standard has been formally approved by the National Standards Committee and will be released soon. The formulation of the standards for fully biodegradable drinking straws will greatly promote the protection of human health and the safe development of the ecological environment. It will also promote the healthy and rapid development of the functional biodegradable new material industry. It is also important for China’s “green manufacturing”, “energy saving and environmental protection” significance.


Compared with traditional plastic straws, the fully biodegradable straws are not only as safe and reliable as ordinary traditional straws, but also can solve the problems that ordinary traditional straws are not easy to rot after being discarded or pollution caused by incineration. The development direction of the plastics industry. The fully biodegradable straw is environmentally friendly, generally does not produce secondary pollution, and has a low cost. It has achieved harmless resource utilization, made the best use of materials, turned waste into treasure, and resource-based products have high value and a broad market.


Our company Aera New Energy happens to use BBM (the Bamboo Biodegradable Material), a green biodegradable raw material, for the production and production of various products.BBM is sourced from natural bamboo by crushing and grinding, processed by high-precision equipments. Bamboo is everywhere in China, sourced conveniently and stably. It grows prolifically and rapidly in its natural home, it is a highly sustainable plant. BBM with bamboo powder as the main ingredients, is the best choose for biodegradable products.Certificated by German TUV Rheinland that BBM decompose into CO2 and water and turn to excellent compost within 12 weeks oven time. not only in composting condition but also in nature it disintegrates into CO2 and water, so when BBM products buried in the soil, it contributes to soil relaxation and air permeability, preventing soil compaction and promote the growth of plants. it is definitely new environmental-friendly material.


Our Company’s Biodegradable drinking straws BBM-P01 can Definitely satisfy you.100% Biodegradable materials, No 5P plastics, No Fluorescent Agent, Heat & Frost Resistant, Compostable, Recyclable, Naturally decomposable.It has a wide range of uses, from dairy products to soft drinks, cocktail bars and fast food companies. You can choose between different types and designs: U-shaped straws, pointed straws, paper straws, four-pack straws.


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